Friday, October 9, 2009

Design Examples

A few of my designs from Ricky Sprocket for Studio B Productions.

Character from my book "The Sterling Seven, Hockey's First Team Ever"

"Clancy makes a Comeback", the sequel to my first book "Clancy with the Puck"

The Sterling Seven

A page from my book, "The Sterling Seven"

Sketch for the arena for Clancy with the Puck

Final version of the arena

Stills from my animated short for "Clancy"

My last six years of employment has been at Studio B Productions in Vancouver on the following productions. Overall I have been working here and other Vancouver studios consistenly since 1994.

2007-09 Layout Supervisor, Martha Speaks Season 1 & 2.

2006-07 Designer, Writer, Director, Clancy with the Puck animated short and children's book.

2005-06 Head Background Designer and Layout Supervisor, Ricky Sprocket.

2003-05 Layout Supervisor, Being Ian, Season 1 & 2.